The package may be a turn off . . .

The Bible teaches that God’s Word will not return to Him void. We have to understand that when we go to a place to hear the Word of God . . . if the vessel bringing the Word is a person called by God with a Word from the Lord, we can’t be distracted by the package. The problem here is that the package is the flesh . . . the physical body and the soul of a person. The soul includes the mind, intellect, will and emotions, which we have to renew to the Word of God according to Romans 12:2. So the Word of God is dependent upon the man or woman of God yielding to the leading of the Holy Spirit and bringing the soul and body under the subjection of our recreated human spirits. The bottom line here is that you take the Word that you get . . . it’s like a filtering process. You take the wheat and you leave the chaff. Don’t be offended by the style of different preachers. if God called you to be in the service, there is a Word from the Lord for you. it may just be one Word hidden down in a lot of piousness and arrogance, but that one Word can change your life forever.


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