Teach inside, preach inside and out

There is so much overlap in teaching and preaching the Word of God. What we need to understand is that there is a place for preaching and that preaching comes before teaching. What do I mean by that? Mark 16:15 tells us to go out into all the WORLD and preach the gospel to all creation. The world is not the church. The world represents those who have no relationship with God. That’s where we as church folks miss it. We try to share the Word of God with the world, but the world hasn’t received Jesus yet. That means the world CANNOT understand. I said cannot. Ok, again I said cannot. Let me show you the scripture. Look at I Corinthians 2:14. The world thinks the things of God are foolishness. So, the world has to be preached to first – the preaching of the good news of salvation . . . and that is done outside of the church building usually, but certainly there are folks in the church who have not received Jesus.  Once a person receives Jesus, now is the time for teaching in the Word of God. How do I know this is so? Look at Hebrews 5:12. We learn from this verse of scripture that we are supposed to move from the milk of God’s work to food! It’s just like a baby – the baby starts with milk and as the baby grows moves on to solid food. We are supposed to be the same way and it comes from being taught the Word of God. Look at Matthew 4:23. Jesus went from place to place teaching in the SYNAGOGUE  ( those were assemblies) . . . and he preached to the people. The point I want you to see here is that you should be taught in your church. There is overlap and the good news should be shared at church because unbelievers come to church, but understand that you should be growing in God day by day . . . more light, more revelation, more wisdom from God. Reply to this post or send us an email to sow-the-word@hotmail.com


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