“I have to do something!”

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you had to do something? Having to do something is really a leading of the enemy. We have been working on a teaching from the book of Daniel that talks about movement being closely linked to fear. That teaching will be coming to the radio ministry soon. Usually having to do something is a response to something bad happening. Sometimes things happen and we feel like we have no control. Here is an example. Your boss came in your office and gave you what seemed like an impossible task with an impossible time line and told you he needed it done in a matter of fact way that created an anger inside of you that could not be quenched . . . then you say, “I have to do something”. I’m going to leave because my boss does not appreciate me. I’m going to tell him where he can put that project, and then you go home and tell your spouse and you curse your boss and hope something bad happens to him where you don’t have to be bothered with him any more. Some folks yield to the enemy so much that they go home and come back to work and shoot up the place. Have you ever wanted to do that? Having to “do something” is a plan of the enemy to lead you into to destruction and death. (John 10:10) You know that is not God, because the Word of God says to pray for your enemies and do good to those who spitefully use you. When you follow the Word, you give God authority to move on your behalf in that situation. You should pray for your boss . . . and be led of the Spirit if and how you should speak with him about the assignment that he gave you.  The Word of God says in Psalm 46:10 that we should be still and know that He is God. Well, what does be still mean? It means that you seek God before you react. God will tell you whether you should react or not and how. You see, once you realize that in your strength you can do nothing . . . in your own limited mind, with the limited information that you have, you only see a certain response. But God is all-seeing, all-knowing . . . He knows the end from the beginning and if you will allow Him, He will tell you exactly what to do in EVERY situation.

When the devil tries to get you to “do something”, he is trying to get you to move without the leading of the Holy Spirit. Realize that moving is usually out of fear.  You need to read those two sentences again and meditate on them. God has not given us the spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7). So if God didn’t give us that spirit, then the only place it could have come from is the enemy.  So, from now on don’t feel the need to react and “do something”. The something that you should do is to seek God as to how He wants you to handle the situation. That’s a true challenge but we know that all things are possible with Christ. (Philippians 4:16) Reply to this post or send us an email at sow-the-word@hotmail.com


One thought on ““I have to do something!”

  1. Hey Elder Awesome word. We got to have faith in those type of situation.As Christians we must have the word of God living in use and not trusting in our old man and ways. i keep these Scriptures in my heart proverbs 3:5-8,
    Psalm 23, and the word says in 1Corinthians 10:13 in Colossians 3:22-24.
    I pray the seed of His word grow strong in you be bless and yes” I do have something” THE WORD OF GOD.

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