It’s prom baby!

You should always lean to the understanding of the Lord and not to your own. (Proverbs 3). I think especially in times like prom, you need to make certain you are led by the Spirit of God in all that you do and all that you say. The Bible  in 1 Peter 5:8 has much to teach us that is pertinent this prom night.  It starts by saying to be alert and sober minded. Now being alert and sober minded means that you can’t fill yourself with alcohol. Alcohol will cause you to not be alert and not be sober minded. And, yes, you know that . . . and what’s more your date knows that . . . so there may be the opportunity to put something in your fruit punch to cause you to not be alert and not be sober minded. That’s how the enemy works. At least if you are alert and sober minded, you are in a place where there is more ability to hear from God. Let’s look at the rest of that verse. It says your enemy, the devil. Stop there . . . being not alert and not sober minded is associated with the enemy, and we see here that the enemy prowls around AS a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. That means that he is not a roaring lion, he is AS a roaring lion . . . and looking for people he can devour. Tonight is a night that he is out on the prowl looking to eat up some folks . . . and the evidence of him eating up folks is destruction, theft and murder. Because the devil is the god of this world the potential for date rate, murder, fornication and all other acts of evil is high.

So, how do you approach a night like tonight? I would hope that you showed your child the Christ in you and taught him or her to trust God and commune with Him a long time ago. In times like these your child needs to be able to hear from God and make decisions based on the leading of the Holy Spirit and not the leading of a prom date. There is more than just the leading of the Holy Spirit for your high school-er . . . there is the peace of God that rules and reigns in your heart because you have a relationship with Christ. You need to be able to go to bed and rest comfortably while your child is at prom knowing that you trained them up in the Lord and that His blood is their protection. You have to be very careful here because if you don’t rest in the peace of God it shows God that you don’t trust Him at His word enough to protect your child.If you don’t trust Him you are over into unbelief or doubt, and God can’t work in unbelief or doubt. Look at Psalm 127. God gives His beloved sleep. You are His beloved so you should be able to relax and be comfortable during prom. Trust God for His wisdom to lead you during this time. He will let you what you need to do concerning all of your life situations, including prom.


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