Really . . .

Have you heard this word lately . . . it usually comes out when something that we don’t want to happen, happens . . . like we lose our internet connection, or will spill coffee on our shirt . . . not only do we hear “really”, but we hear “seriously” as well. Words are like clothes. They are fads that go in and out of style. If you are not paying attention, you will be wearing the WRONG thing according to the world’s standards. That is where the problem is. The world will have you always moving and shaking to try to keep up with them . . . well, who is the them . . . the celebrities, who you see on television and in the magazines. Some of them can wear some of the most odd ball looking stuff and before you know it, it’s caught on and someone is wearing that style. The Word of God teaches us that we should be led by the Spirit of God in every situation, and yes that includes what we put on and what we say to others.  What I want to get at in this post is the issue of fads changing. The Word of God does not change. See Malachi 3:6. God not changing makes it real good for us. That means that you can listen to teaching from 1970 and if the preacher/teacher is teaching the Word of God it will line up with those teaching the Word today. Realize that God is not a God of fads and understand that His plan for you has always been His plan for you. It won’t change. The call won’t change. The expected end for your life won’t change. We just have to decide to walk in what God called us to walk in . . . do the Word, don’t get so caught up in fads that you miss God.  Send us an email at or reply to this post. Be blessed.


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