Legalizing marijuana

This has really been a big deal. What a huge push to legalize something that yes may have some benefit that is also seen in other medicines, and yes has harms that can be far-reaching beyond just the person smoking it. So what is this really all about? In many cases it is about the creation of a feeling. Getting high off drugs, weed, included . . . buzzed off of alcohol, those are counterfeits to getting filled with the Spirit of God. You see, you can be drunk in the Spirit of God and to the natural man you will appear like someone drunk off of what the world has to offer. Let me show you that in scripture. Ephesians 5:18 teaches us to be not drunk with wine wherein is excess, BUT be filled with the Spirit. What God is saying here is don’t be drunk with the counterfeit, get the real deal . . . get drunk in the Spirit of God. So, why marijuana. It has to be something else. Something else has to be made legal. There are people who don’t drink who smoke weed. The eyes of the flesh are never satisfied and in the next few years there will be some other substance that they want to make legal . . . another counterfeit, a distracter from the Word of God. Don’t fall for the counterfeit. Study, meditate on and do the unchanging Word of God and you won’t have to even question what your position on these issues should be. God has already stated His position . . . which is the position, and our job is to line up with the Word of God. You are welcome to reply to this post or send comments to


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