Sometimes confrontations are necessary

The Bible teaches us that we should be peace makers in Matthew 5:9 as peace makers will be called the sons of God. Understand that making peace and walking in love, which we should also do, do not mean that we are to avoid confrontation. The confrontation should result in the bringing about of peace because you are gracious enough to not have to be right and your desire to be pleasing to God is so strong, that you yield totally to His direction. We are to be led of the Spirit and sometimes the Spirit will tell you to walk right on up to someone and tell them what the Spirit told you with all boldness and in love. Avoidance of confrontation usually denotes a potential loss of control. We are scared that if we confront them we will lose our cool and start cussing and fussing and fighting. Some of us avoid confrontation because we don’t want to stir in anything and we don’t want to deal with disagreement. Well, there is always going to be disagreement. Folks disagree with the Word but that doesn’t mean you stop being led of the Spirit and you stop sharing Jesus.

You know, some folks will lie to avoid confrontation. Now you know that’s not Christlike. Be led of the Spirit. If he tells you to confront someone, you should confront them. Being led by fear and being led by your emotions are evidence that you’re not being led by God. Remember that God knows the end from the beginning which means that He prepares the heart and mind of the person that he is sending you to confront. So God knows what comments that he wants you to make and the Spirit of God will give you the boldness to make those comments but you have to yield to Him. Be blessed.


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