How did he get there? A church leader?

Take a read of the attached article. So this is a man of God who allegedly committed this horrible act. This should give all of us who are leaders in the church a wake up call. Well, the question is, how did this man get into a place that led him to do this? The article is more concerned about him paying respects at the victims funerals, but the real issue here is how he got to this place and what can we learn from this to help keep us away from such a place.

First, let’s look at his position. He was a Pastor. Go with me to Ephesians 4:11 – 15. A Pastor is a ministry gift from God to the church (the body of Christ), along with teachers, evangelists, prophets and apostles. We are not going to go into detail about each of those ministry gifts and how they operate for this teaching, but understand if the gift is from God, He has a defined purpose for it and has provided all that the giftee will need to carry out the plan of God, and we see this purpose in these scriptures. They go on to teach us that these gifts are for the edifying (building up) of the church, that we might be perfect and well equipped for the work that we are called to by God. We should be working to obtain the whole of the full measure of Christ. Our focus should be Christ.  I believe this is where the snare of the enemy caught this man. The Bible teaches in Proverbs and Timothy about the snares of the enemy. This business was used by the enemy as a snare to catch this Pastor by causing him to focus on this business and not God.  Let’s go to the Word here and look at “things” and focus. Matthew 6:33 teaches us that we should seek the Kingdom first. What does that mean? That means that  our focus should be on God and the things of God. . . that we should be seeking to be used of the Kingdom and not focused on attaining things. Does it really matter in the end, anyway concerning these things?  You can’t take them with you and the Bible teaches that the cattle on a thousand hills belong to the Lord . . . it all belongs to God. (Psalm 50:10) Now go back to Matthew 6:33. When you seek the Kingdom of God first all these things will be added. Read up a few verses and you will learn what those things are. Basically, you put God first, you will be taken care of and you won’t have to worry about things down here. This really puts this article in perspective doesn’t it? It demonstrates the foolishness that goes on because of stuff . . . and this was a Pastor, a ministry gift to the church who is supposed to be leading a body of Christians . . . a man who is supposed to be holy and upright . . . a man who probably has sermons on the inside of him, and we know has a plan that God has for his life . . . now possibly thrown away because of a business and who may become owners.

Let’s look at I Peter 5:8 which teaches that the we should be sober-minded for the enemy is going forth as a lion to see who he can devour and the enemy’s plan is to steal, kill and destroy. He looks to have stolen and destroyed this man’s ministry. But, God is faithful and a forgiving God. This man needs to repent and seek the Lord and God will show him how to work this situation. But believe me, he will have to walk out his actions in this matter and it will likely lead to jail time and quite possibly loss of his life.


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