Cut off in traffic

Getting cut off in traffic is something that can really make you mad. Especially when you get someone who has been riding in the turning lane on purpose because there is no line of traffic there and then jumps over in front of you after you have been waiting patiently in a line that seems to be moving ever so slowly. I wanted to put the grill of my truck through that guy’s back window. What was that? That was that warm feeling you get when you get angry. I believe it’s your blood pressure rising. It’s also the platform from which the enemy can lead you to sin. You choose your reaction. Do you allow the peace of God to flow or do you go into road rage behind something as small as getting cut off in traffic. I think there are two issues at hand here, the issue of getting cut off and more importantly the element of surprise. You were not expecting that to happen and your mind was not ready. Two scriptures come to mind; Philippians 4:6-7 which talk about your mind being at peace when it is stayed on Jesus. That means that no matter what comes you are not caught unawares because your mind is always on God and the things of God. The other scripture that comes to mind is 2 Timothy 4:2 which teaches us to be instant with the Word in season and out of season. Being instant with the Word is not consistent with being instant with anger. I should have prayed for that guy and asked that God bless his household and allow him to arrive to his destination safely. I should have prayed for salvation in his household and that the works of God be made manifest in him. In the book of James we learn that we are to be slow to wrath. Don’t let that rogue driver take your peace and always have Jesus and the things of the Kingdom on your mind.


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