Government Shutdown

You need to see this for what it really is. It really isn’t about the government or it being shut down. It’s about people who side with a party be it republican or democrat and stand firm on those party lines. It is about division. It’s about causing turmoil in the lives of people for the sake of party lines and not wanting to follow the Word of God as it teaches about caring for others. What happened to loving God and loving people? That’s what the entire law is based on. (Matthew 22:36-40) Heaven forbid we work together for a common good and show God’s AGAPE love to our fellow-man. (I Corinthians 13:4-8) But, we have to stand with our party no matter what. It’s amazing that folks will stand with a party no matter what, but won’t stand for the Word of God.  It’s also amazing that folks will put their trust in a government and not know that in the end that government is going to crumble and all that is going to be left is the Word of God.  There was the law, and now we are under Grace, but after Grace is the judgement and God is the righteous judge and will burn all of this division, selfishness and hate . . . and do away with it once and for all. (See the book of Revelation)

This is about division. Just like anything else . . . you have to know that God’s plan for your life is not division (Psalm 133:1), yet we welcome division in our lives and even celebrate it . . . especially this time of year with all of the different sports teams. One team plays another – – and we pay big bucks to see . . .  we create a standard of division and you see so many times fights break out on the court or the field.  There are so many verses that talk about unity in Christ. I have just given you one, but let’s look at it. Psalm 133:1 says how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity. You see that what we are going through now is not good, nor is it pleasant . . .

And what about those secret societies that promote division? Fraternities and sororities and masons and eastern stars, etc. Do you know any members of one greek organization that share their secrets with another? You have to know that secret societies are not of God. Deuteronomy 29:29 says that the secret things belong to God. What about religion? – there are so many denominations that denominational doctrine can suppress the Word of God. In fact the Word says that traditions can make the Word of God of no effect. (Mark 7:13)

The key for us in all of this is to say what God says. The way you do that is by speaking the Word of God, praying the Word of God . . . having faith buddies who believe and live the Word and being careful what you let in your eye and ear gates . . . looking at it carefully in the light of the Word, and being led by the Spirit of God daily.


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