Angry children

Have you ever heard someone say that their child has an anger management problem.  This is a common thing, even so much that the child will tell you that he or she has a problem managing anger. They may hit walls, explode in violence or even hit people . . . they may end up using knives or guns. Come on now, them using knives or guns is the plan of the enemy to take them to an early grave and that is the plan for their lives. (John 10:10)

So how do we combat this anger issue with our children? Let’s go to Word here. Look at James 1:19 – 20. These verses of scripture teach us that we should be slow to getting angry. Now, before you are slow to getting angry God gives us instruction as to how we can be slow to get angry. Teaching your children to follow this scripture can be movement toward life for them. See, this scripture says to be quick to hear. Being quick to hear means that you don’t have to have an answer for everything. You don’t have to have the last word. You have the decision that YOU can decide whether you are going to listen or not . . . teach your children this. If you chose to listen, God can teach you. He can give instruction as to how to deal with this anger that is a brewing. Now, the second part of that scripture says to be slow to speak. You see, when you speak, you can only say what you know or what someone else said. The key here in speaking is speaking the Word of God. When you speak the Word, peace will flow, love will flow . . . and the other fruit of the Spirit as in Galatians 5:22. God said to be angry and sin not in Ephesians 4:16-27. You children may slowly get angry, but they have the ability to sin not if they are in God. Pray for your children. Teach them the Word of God so they can overcome anger and not let it be a tool of the enemy to produce sin . . . for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. Send us your comments to or reply to this post.




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