An urgency to witness

Have you ever had an urgency to do something? Sometimes urgency is born out of fear . . . fear that something bad is going to happen or fear that you will lose control of a situation. Developing an urgency for anything other than the Word can be used of the devil to cause us to react from a place of emotion instead of a place of faith. Faith pleases God and faith moves God. God is not moved by your emotions. That is why you have to move from a place of emotion during worship to a place where revelation knowledge concerning your particular problem or circumstance begins to flow.

So what creates an urgency to witness? Matthew 28:19-20 teaches us that we are to GO into all the world and preach the gospel and make disciples of God. Why doesn’t the church (body of Christ or those saved) feel an urgency to do so? I think it is because they really do not believe that God knows the end from the beginning and more than that, He had it written down in the Bible!  It is written in the book of Revelation. I have been studying this book for the last several months and asking God for understanding and wisdom. This book brings about a sense of urgency to share Jesus. Don’t get caught up in religious tradition. Crave the Word of God and know that He has given us the ability to be filled with His Spirit so that we have the boldness and ability to witness for Him. See Acts 2. Send us a reply or an email at


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