Father with family in SUV chased, beaten by motorcyclist


Take a read of the news story above. I am sure that you have seen it by now. I wanted to have you think about some things concerning this story and the Word of God. When you look at it, you would think that one motorcycle would be no match for an SUV. In fact, you hear of motor vehicle crashes that are motorcycle vs almost anything else and the motorcycle will lose. What was it that gave the motorcycles in this story the advantage? It was the number of them. There were so many of them that they were everywhere and swarmed the SUV. There is power in numbers. That power can be used to glorify God or that power can be used for the devil. I don’t know the root of this story so I am not going to comment here one way or the other, but I do want you to see that there is power in numbers – – and with the power of unity in Christ the church (body of believers) would be unstoppable. You have to see how the enemy wants God’s people divided – because without unity under Christ as the head, there is a directionless mass of people wandering about not fulfilling God’s call for their lives.

God recognized the power in numbers. Look at the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11. We learn in the 1st verse that they all had one language. They were going to build a tower to heaven. Why would they build a tower to heaven. So they could confront God. They could work together because they were all speaking the same. God had to give different languages so that they would not be successful. Let’s look at a new testament example in Acts 2. The Bible says that they were all in one accord in one place – then the Holy Spirit was given.

Now, what should this SUV driver should have done? Isn’t that an easy question? Don’t you have an opinion and an answer? Everybody wants to say what they would have done and for most folks it has to do with adding to the violence. The truth is this is a very difficult situation and the only way to know what to do is get direction from the Spirit of God. Proverbs 3:5-6 teaches us to lean not to what we understand, but in all our ways to acknowledge Him and HE WILL DIRECT OUR PATHS. God had the answer to that situation. Now, how do we tap into God in times of distress? That was definitely a time of distress as I am sure the SUV driver wanted to protect his wife and baby. The answer to that is tap into God’s wisdom when there is calm – make it a habit, do it all of the time – and then where there are times of distress, the peace of God can guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus and you can hear from God in the midst of calamity. We should pray for all involved.


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