Facebook is the uttermost parts of the earth

Did you ever wonder the true purpose of technology? When you think about it, it is all about “being connected”. It started with the telegraph and moved to the telephone and now Internet and social media has us in contact with everyone we have ever known… And some folks we have never known. We tell them things like what we eat and we send pictures. We post our kids and their accomplishments. We post our spouses, girlfriends and boyfriends, automobiles. Now we even share our location.

The church began in the book of Acts. What you will find in Acts 2 is that God had a plan for the way the gospel is to be spread. He filled them with His Holy Ghost to give them power to be witnesses for him first in Jerusalem, then in Samaria and then to the uttermost parts of the earth. The comment was made in a recent Bible study about there not being large numbers of people being saved because of Facebook. At least if there is you don’t really hear about it. The point was that those of us Christians using social media ought to be spreading the gospel such that salvation is widespread all over the world. What are you posting on Facebook or Twitter or those other social sites? We are to be reaching the uttermost parts of the earth with the gospel. God has made a way for us to do that. Share Jesus without fear. Let social media be your platform for sharing the gospel in your own way by the leading of the Lord.


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