You can know if high blood pressure is coming…

High blood pressure is the leading cause of blood vessels clogging up. It leads to blood vessel disease in the eyes, heart attacks strokes, kidney disease and many other problems. It is known as the silent killer. Now isn’t that just how the devil would do things? Let’s be clear here. It is the silent killer so you know that it is not from God. John 10:10 teaches us the enemy comes to kill, but Jesus came that we might have life and have life more abundantly.

But can you be aware that your blood pressure is trying to creep up? See I Corinthians 6:19. It lets us know that our body is the temple of God and that the Spirit of God lives in us. Well the Spirit will lead us into all truth. The Spirit knows what your body will suffer in this life and can show you things to do now to prevent adverse health consequences. It’s God’s plan for you to finish the work that He called you to do(Philippians 1:6). He can let you know that your blood pressure is rising and what things you need to do to combat it.


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