Drunkenness is the counterfeit of being filled with the Spirit of God

Alcohol is very dangerous. Can you imagine a drug that can affect your thinking so much that it can reduce your response time when driving, slur your speech and lower your inhibitions. They are commonly referred to as spirits. You know they aren’t the Spirit of God.

Alcohol can cause irritation to the stomach lining, bone marrow failure, liver failure, heart failure, breast development in men and small testicles just to name a few. Men use it to alter the mentation of women to try to get in their panties. If you have been to the club, that’s why ladies get in free and get drinks 2 for 1.

Look at Ephesians 5:18. It teaches us to be filled with the Spirit instead of being drunk with wine. The appearance of someone drunk with alcohol is the counterfeit of someone being drunk in the Spirit of God! Take a moment to process that and then read Acts 2. You will find that when the Holy Spirit came and folks began to speak in tongues that others thought they were drunk with wine. Don’t fall for the counterfeit. Get all that God has to offer to you including the power from being filled with the Spirit.


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