Justice by God is for ALL involved

We posted last night how God is a God of justice and how you can’t expect justice from the world system.  If you haven’t read that post, you should. I want to follow that post up to let you know too that no one can escape the justice of God.

Let’s turn to the Word here and look at the story of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5. Ananias was the husband and he lied to the Holy Spirit. The Bible says his wife knew about the whole thing. See verse 2 here . . . now if you know your husband is doing wrong, you as his helpmeet should speak up and standup for what you know is right. That’s no different from the trial. If a person is associated with the case or involved with the trial and he or she sees something that is wrong, that person has to stand up for the truth. Peter asked Ananias why he would sin against the Holy Spirit. Ananias’ wife wasn’t around when Peter questioned Ananias and you read that Ananias fell dead. Sapphira came in later and told Peter the same lie that her husband did and as you keep on reading she fell dead just like he did. I believe they came in at different times because the Holy Spirit was giving her the opportunity to repent and get it right. In other words, here you stand by yourself . . . do you plan on agreeing with wrong or will you stand up for right? If you are a party to the sin, you know about it, participate in it . . . and you don’t repent and seek God as to what your response should be. . . you will be guilty as well. Anyone involved with Trayvon’s trial that allowed wrong to continue, knowingly and willingly . . . will be subject to the justice of God.


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