The Word is the final say

The Word of God should be the authority in our lives. In a world of increasing technology, clouds that hold content in some place in the air so it can be accessed by all of your mobile devices… groups that tell you who you should be in the world, that it’s ok to be who you want to be and not who God called you to be …there has to be a standard. Whether you know it or not, you measure things by a standard. The standard we should be using is the Word of God. If the Word is not your standard, the world is. The world is the default. That means that you have the potential to be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. (Ephesians 4:14)

Well why should the Word be your standard? The Bible teaches that we should be healthy, whole, provided for, victorious in this life, and wealthy, just to name a few, not just for us, but so that we can work in the area God has called us for the Kingdom. The world’s plan is “I want what I want and anything I want goes”. In these end times we should look for more and more selfishness amongst people in the world. The root of the matter is that YOU have a work to do for the kingdom that has been planned for you by God before the foundation of the world and He has provided for you everything needed to do this work. See the book of Jeremiah here. That work may not be in a church or for a church group, but it will be ordained by God and a blessing to others and will be the place where you are graced by God.

Let the Word be your standard. It is about discovering the plan of God for your life and standing firm on Biblical teachings. If you join forces with folks who are in opposition to the Word of God, God sees you in opposition to Him and that is a very dangerous place to be. Being in opposition to God blocks blessings that He wants to bestow on you and will eventually put you in a place to experience the wrath of God.

Receive the blessings of God. Walk in the fullness He has for you. Email us at or reply to this post.


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