Even if you take care of your baby, being outside of the covenant is not alright

We hear the term dead beat dad all the time, and then there is a certain respect a man gets when he takes care of his child. It’s really unfortunate that society now thinks it’s a GREAT thing for a man to take care of a child that he supplied seed for. It’s not a great thing, and they don’t deserve praise. It is what they are supposed to do. Ephesians 5:31 talks about a man leaving his father and mother and joining with his wife. This verse as well as others teach us that God’s plan for the man is for him to have a father and mother . . . and not just in name, in covenant. God’s plan is for babies to result from the covenant between husband and wife, so just because you take care of your child doesn’t make it alright with God. Without repentance, blessings are blocked and you position your child in a place where he or she can’t receive all that God intends.  Let’s look at the first relationship. The bible teaches in Genesis 4:1 that Adam knew Eve his wife. That means that Adam had sex with his wife Eve. The marriage bed is undefiled, that means that Adam and Eve had sexual freedom with each other. Walk in all that God has for you. Live your life as God intended. When you receive Him, He will make this possible. Apart from God you can do nothing. Don’t glorify what is outside of the marriage covenant. Repent and move from that place as the Spirit of God leads.


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