How the enemy is killing Pastors and other church leaders

The Word teaches that God gave Pastors and leaders to the church. Ephesians 4:11. The devil hates the church and let’s be clear here, the church is not a building. The church is the body of Christ. The body of Christ is people who have received Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. Christ is head of the church. So if Christ gave Pastors and leaders to the church so that the church can be taught and edified, the devil’s plan is to stop the growth of the church and what better way to stop the growth of the church (those receiving Jesus) than through killing off or making ineffective the church leadership. A way that he is doing this is through the stomachs of church leaders in the kitchens in their own churches.

The devil has one motive and that motive is defined by John 10:10. He comes in to steal, kill and destroy. You may be surprised to know that the devil doesnt walk around in a red suite with a pitchfork or with a hoodie as most recently depicted in some movies. He can use people close to you, your family members, your congregation, folks in the community to work on his behalf. The way he gets folks to do this is through using thoughts and traditions.  We eat foods traditionally, not because we have been led to eat them, but because big mama ‘dem ate them. This post is not to condem food, this post is to get you to think about the things you eat and to get you to seek God concerning what you allow your congregation to cook in the church kitchen and be led by the Spirit of God as to things that you should be putting in your temple.  We recently posted on how we should be casting down thoughts that don’t come from God . . . well, we also need to cast down tradition that doesn’t line up with the Word of God. Collard greens with ham hocks and corn bread and fried chicken and mashed tators and gravy . . . making it a traditional meal just because you were raised that way is yielding to tradition . . . think about Thanksgiving and Christmas meals the way the world defines them is yielding to tradition.  Who says you must have a turkey for Thanksgiving? Did God say that? Did he ordain that mac and cheese and dressing and all of that sweet potato pie? Who said you have a day that you give thanks? The way you know what your answer should be to these questions, is by going to the Word of God. Ephesians 5:20 teaches us to always give thanks. We should thank God all of the time for His goodness and for provision, not just on a day in which we eat things that we probably shouldnt.

So, how is the enemy killing Pastors and leaders? See, Pastors and leaders have stored up Word on the inside of them for the body of Christ. There are years worth of sermons and teachings and advice and promptings from God inside Pastors and leaders. So, if the enemy can get you to eat unhealthy foods and have a stroke and not be able to talk or even die, all of that Word that is on the inside of you will not be preached by you and you will die without fulfilling the call that God has on your life. If you have a heart attack or joint problems from obesity, it is a plan of the enemy to keep the Word from getting out. If you are a Pastor or leader in your church, seek the Spirit of God concerning what you should be eating and how you should be exercising.  It doesn’t just affect you, it affects your congregation.


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