Would you go to a dentist with rotten teeth?

We really should be mindful of the appearance of people who are selling or promoting products that are supposed to be for our health.  The Bible teaches us that we should not be a stumbling block for a brother or sister. Let’s look at this in Romans 14:13. The example that comes to mind is going to a dentist. We look to the dentist to help us maintain good dental health . . . so would you go to dentist who has rotten teeth? You would hope that your dentist demonstrates the healthy mouth that he or she is trying to help you maintain or obtain depending on your situation. I can’t go to a nutritionist who is overweight or a dentist with rotten teeth. If you are in a position where you are serving the public and in your particular area, your life is out of control, it negatively affects your witness and can be a stumbling block for someone else. Even if you talk a good game.

God’s Word is no different. We are to live the Word . . . just saying that we live the Word and talking about the Word without living it is just as bad as going to a dentist with rotten teeth. Just like you can see the rotten teeth in a person who is telling you what to do to have a healthy mouth, it’s easy to see when the Word is not lived and demonstrated in the life of someone who confesses to be a christian. Serve God in spirit and in truth. Live the Word, don’t just let it be something that you talk about. Reply to this post or send us a comment to sow-the-word@hotmail.com


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