Which church should I join?

Many times folks wonder which church to join. This post is to help you make that decision. The first scripture that we have to look at concerning this process is 2 Corinthians 5:7. This verse of scripture tells us that we are to walk by the Spirit of God and not by what we see. There is much meat in this verse that helps us with discovering the body of Christ that we are supposed to be joined to . . . Let’s look at this verse a little more closely. Walking by sight means that you make decisions based on what you see, not on the Word of God. An example of this is going to a church because it is close to your home, or because it has a certain number of members, because your family members or friends go there, because it is a certain denomination or because it has a really great choir. If you pick a church based on these criteria, you are walking by sight and you are not being led by the Spirit of God. Look at Romans 8:14. Those that are led by the Spirit of God, THEY are the sons of God. God will lead you to the church that you are supposed to join and that leadership starts with you in the Word of God. The other folks are just religious. Religion and relationship are two different things. Relationship means you spend time with God daily and He always in your thoughts. Religion means you God to church on Sundays, and maybe Bible study on Wednesdays, but apart from that you don’t spend time in prayer other than the programmed nighttime prayer and you don’t KNOW Him such that you commune with Him and fellowship with Him daily. The practical way to look at this is . . . you may visit churches and there is nothing wrong with that, but what should attract you should be the Word of God . . . so a good place to start is going to Bible studies. They will let you know what is being taught . . . God will speak to you through His Word.

So, you don’t get to decide which church you attend, you get to discover it. God has called you to a church – in which you have a job that is designed to further the Kingdom. Look at Ephesians 4. The author here speaks about work to which you are called. And if you read Jeremiah 29:11, it will show you how this work is to lead to an expected end. So, arriving at the expected end that God has for you is dependent on where you are in relation to where He called you to be. His grace is where He called you. Your growth in Him is where He called you. Being equipped to help the folks that He called you to help is linked to the body of Christ to which He called you to be joined. So, no you can’t just sit home and read your Bible and watch teachings on TV. The Bible teaches in Hebrews 10:25 that we should not forsake the assembling together of ourselves . . . that’s because we are the body of Christ and when I say we . . . I mean Christians, and our functioning the way that God intended causes us to need each other. Read the entirety of I Corinthians 12. These verses teach you about the body of Christ. Seek God as to which church that you are supposed to be a member of . . . which body you are supposed to be joined to and where you are supposed to grow and develop to walk out God’s purpose for your life. Send us an email at sow-the-word@hotmail.com or reply to this post.


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