Getting into position for purpose

God is moving things all of the time . . . He is shaping, creating opportunities, molding, encouraging, moving . . . He is getting you into position for the next season of your life . . . He has all of the seasons planned and He has an expected end (Jeremiah 29:11) for you. That expected end has to do with transition . . . sometimes He has to move you away from what is routine . . . what you are comfortable with, to get you to the place that He called you to occupy. Don’t refuse His prompting. Don’t neglect His calling. It is Him calling you to a higher place in Him . . . a place that will allow you to work out the plan that He has for you!

Getting into position will not be independent of the scriptures, prayer and HEARING the voice of God. Much is said in that sentence. In other words, if you are not studying the scriptures, you will be out of position to hear the voice of God . . . if you are not spending time in direct communication with God . . . you will not hear the voice of God and hearing the voice of God is necessary for transition. How will you know to move if God hasn’t given you instruction? How will you know the transition if you are out of step with God? How will you know that you have been thoroughly prepared for the purpose that He has for you? Get into the flow of the Spirit of God. He has called you, predestined you and given you purpose. You just have to move through these positions as He shapes you for the unique purpose that He has for you.


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