The large fits but the XXL follows you home . . .

I wanted to share this revelation that I got concerning clothes.  As you know there is an obesity epidemic . . . and if you get to the root cause of it, it is a plan of the enemy to kill people . . . keeping them from fulfilling God’s purpose for them on the earth. Many times obesity is a slow killer . . . folks may be overweight for years and then later in life die from complications of obesity such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

So what does this new fad of baggy clothes have to do with it?  Baggy clothes take away the consciousness that goes along with eating . . . if your clothes are so big that they just hang on your body, how will you know when you gain a pound here or there? If you don’t know that you have gained a pound, how can you beat your body into subjection and exercise more and decrease your food intake? Look at Paul’s writings in I Corinthians 9:26-27 . Look at the New Living Translation if it will help your understanding. Paul says that he has to keep control of his body. The point here is that if your clothes don’t fit you, you are hindered in taking control over your body! That’s what those sagging britches are about and those shirts that are 3 sizes too big. The Bible teaches about the enemy blinding eyes to keep folks from seeing the light that is Christ. The enemy will blind you any way he can. If he can keep you from realizing that you are getting fat, he will . . . and he will use that to destroy you and God’s purpose in you. Even underwear should be the appropriate size. Buy clothes that fit so they can help you be healthy and fit so that you can fulfill the plan that God has for your life!!


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