Why you should keep house business in the house

Have you ever heard the phrase don’t tell house business outside the house? Or how about don’t air the dirty laundry? The question here is what are you saying about your spouse or significant other when you are out in public . . . or especially around that attractive person of the opposite sex who you work with or who you see working at the post office or bank or wherever? We should only confide in our spouse and the spirit of God.

If you are looking for wisdom from God concerning speaking, a place to look is Proverbs. There are several scriptures in this book that will teach you just how to use your tongue . . . what you should say, and when you should say it. For the purposes of this post we are going to look at a scripture in Ecclesiastes.

Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God. God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few (Ecclesiastes 5:2).

Let’s be clear about this. When you say things to people outside your covenant of marriage, you are speaking private things to other people and you are speaking before God. God created the covenant of marriage and has given us instruction as to how to live it out. When you walk around the plan of God for your marriage, you essentially tell Him that your plan is better and that He doesn’t know what He is talking about. This is what makes this so dangerous, and what’s interesting here, we have not said anything about the person outside of the relationship that you have been talking to.  You see lots of posts about somebody going from single to “in a relationship” . . . but you don’t see the words, “in a covenant”. That lets you know right there that the world system has a different way of looking at relationships than the Bible definition, and you see how the world wants to change the definition of marriage. At some point someone will want to marry an inanimate object like a house or a car . . . or an animal or a tree or something . . .God defined marriage and it stands with that whether we like it or not. We should receive it and live it out because it is far better than anything the world has to offer.

Keep house business in the house. Talk to your spouse about your concerns. Pray together and ask God to strengthen your relationship. Don’t let the enemy in by talking to the opposite sex about things that go on in your house. Glorify God in your body and let Him work His purpose out in you. Send us a reply to sow-the-word@hotmail.com.


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