Christmas love? If it wasn’t right before, how could it be right now?

Ok so now it is the Christmas season and that old flame from a long time ago tries to come back into your life promising you that 2013 is going to be different . . . how the relationship is going to be different this time and how things didn’t work out before because the relationship was just in a different place. Don’t fall for the foolishness. Anybody that has not been changed by God and has gotten in right relationship with Him before trying to get in right relationship with you is talking out of both sides of the neck. I’m just saying. So how is it that you can figure out if that person from your past has really changed? I’m going to tell you how. Luke 6:44 teaches us that a tree is know by the fruit that it bears. This is very important and teaches us more than just about apples and oranges. If that joker has really changed, there will be fruit of that new life. If you don’t see the fruit AND you are not led to go back into that relationship, you may be making a mistake. Look at how this is written here. Just because you see the fruit . . . DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH THAT PERON. Just because two people are saved it doesn’t mean that the two of them are to get married and be together. That is why you have to be led by the spirit of God, yes, even in relationships.

We have said here that you have to look for the fruit that there has to be a change. Well what fruit are we talking about? Galatians 5:22 talks about the fruit of the spirit. If the Holy Spirit isn’t inside this person, there is NO WAY that these fruits can come forth. Don’t be fooled. You really can’t love apart from Christ. You can’t know love unless you know God, for God is love. So, look for the fruit of the spirit in this person who wants to step to you because it is the end of the year . . . promising you a wonderful 2013 filled with bliss and happiness. Live the Word, do the Word and understand that God will lead you by His spirit even when folks in your past show up making promises to give you a wonderful future.


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