The TV show Hoarding

The enemy hasn’t really changed his goal . . . which we have discussed and can be found in John 10:10.  He still seeks whom he may devour and his plan for your life is destruction. How does the devil go about destroying people . . . we’ll he starts with thoughts. The enemy brings thoughts to your mind . . . and you can tell when the thought is not of God. It will tell you to do something that is not in line with Word of God. Let me give an example here. If you get the thought to go out and kill a teacher, principal and several kids, that thought came from the pits of hell. That thought was acted on and it produced sin and death. God has given us the ability to cast down thoughts that exalt themselves above the knowledge of Christ. See 2 Corinthians 10:5 . . . which makes it plain that WE have to get rid of the thought and not act on it. Let’s talk about what this means in terms of hoarding . . . and what I’m talking about is the TV show.  The Bible teaches us in Philippians 4:8 that we are to think on things that are lovely and pure . . . so why would let disorder, filth and unclean living enter our eyegate and make its way to our heart? God is a God of order, not disorder. You can focus on disorder so much that you forget what order is all about. Romans 14:23 teaches that whatever does not produce faith is sin. That show and those like it don’t produce faith and are a ploy of the enemy to keep your mind off the things of God and off His purpose for you in the earth. Guard your heart. Watch what you let come through your eyegate. If you have any comments, please reply to this post or send us as email at


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