Love that lasts

I’m not sure that there is anyone in a relationship who does not want love that lasts. We have posted on outward attraction and its role in relationships. We have posted on how one should have a relationship with God before entering into a relationship with someone else. We have posted on how a man is supposed to find a wife and leave his mother and father. Now let’s look at lasting love in relationships. What is love that lasts? God describes unconditional love in I Corinthians 13. We learn here that God’s love is not based on any circumstance or situation. It is unconditional. In order to have love that lasts we have to love unconditionally. How do we do this? We start by esteeming the other higher than we do ourselves. See the recent encourage each other post on the blog. Love that lasts is unconditional and Christ centered.

So what are things that challenge long-lasting love? Let’s talk about some of these. One of the biggest is fear. Fear is not of God. It is the opposite of faith. If you have fear of something, that means that you think that something is bigger than your God. There are many instances in the Bible where we see the first words of Jesus are “FEAR NOT”. He often follows this with “JUST BELIEVE”. This lets us know that fear can keep us from believing! If you are scared you are going to lose your husband or wife, or scared your boyfriend is going cheat on you . . . and if you begin to speak that thing and give life to it, YOUR FEARS WILL BE REALIZED. Let’s look at Job 3:25 here.

For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. Job 3:25

Job experienced what he feared and you will too. That’s why you have to speak faith filled words and the Word of God only concerning your relationships. You both trust God that your relationship will last and produce the fruit that God called it to produce. Send us an email or reply to this post.


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