Children from previous relationships

Children from previous relationships are a reality and if the parents aren’t rooted and grounded in the Word of God, can be blamed for breakups, relationship discord and arguments. So, how is it that we are supposed to deal with children from past relationships? The Word gives us clear instruction in this area. Matthew 22:37-39 gives us the greatest commandments of God. They center around love. Love God and love people. If you are faced with dealing with children from previous relationships, you have to LOVE them . . . and this is the kind of love that God talks about in I Corinthians 13:4-7. When you show the love of God to children who aren’t yours, you display Christ and His love for us and you set yourself and the kids up to be blessed by God. Remember that what you send out, you will receive.

What are the actions of love toward children? You should provide for them, care for them, defend them and protect them.  You should teach them that their provision comes from God just like yours does. You should treat them as Christ treats you. You should call them blessed and highly favored. You should call them the head and not the tail. You should do all you can to see them become successful Spirit filled children on the way to fulfilling the purpose that God called them to.

It does get deeper here however, as many times dealing with the children isn’t the problem. What about having to deal with the ex-wife, or old boyfriend or girlfriend? You are going to have to deal with that person because of the children. The same principle applies here. You have to show love. You have to love that person and treat that person with honor. You may not want to be in the same room with them. You may not need to be in the same room or city with them for that matter depending on the nature of the breakup, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pray for them and BE SURE YOU DONT SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT THEM AROUND THE CHILDREN despite how they act or what they say. Now that is truly showing love! If you are saved, you have the ability to show the God kind of love. If you are not saved, you should get saved, otherwise your flesh won’t permit you to show unconditional, selfless love.  Email us at or reply to this post with questions.


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