Your relationships should produce fruit

Anything apart from God is dead. The Bible teaches us that we are supposed to produce fruit. That implies that we have to be alive. The only way to be alive is to be in Christ.  Luke 6:44 teaches that a tree is known by the fruit that it bears. This is true in relationships. People know what kind of relationship you have based on the kind of fruit they see it producing. And in case you didn’t know, other folk’s purpose is linked to you fulfilling yours and other folk’s relationship success is linked to the fruits of your relationships.

What are the fruit that your relationship should be producing? None different from the fruits of the Spirit described in Galatians 5:22. If your relationship is not producing fruit of the spirit then it is producing works of the flesh . . . and works of the flesh can have no part with the spiritual things of God. If your relationship is build on looks, emotions, the pride of life and things, get to a Bible teaching church and ask God to receive you and deliver you from the works of the flesh and the plan of the enemy. Commit your relationships to God and allow Him to produce through you the fruits of the spirit. Send us a message or reply to this post.


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