It’s all about the end, but not the hind end

Relationships typically begin with attraction to the outward qualities of a person. Many times it has to do with the “end” . . . the hind end that is, the legs, the chest, the smile, etc. First Samuel 16:7 teaches us that God does not look at outward appearance . . . and even goes on to say “like the world does”. God looks at the heart. Looking at the heart does not mean that you don’t have to speak the Word over your life and that you don’t have to live the Word. You have to do those things if YOU want to make your way prosperous. What it does mean is that God looks at you as what He called you to be in this life. He is looking at the end right now, whether it be your beginning or your middle. God knows the end from the beginning and He has called your relationships to be based on much more than the outward appearance, but the inward qualities that the He has gifted you with, that the Spirit in you can stir up for the glory of God. Commit your bodies to be used of God, line your relationships up with the Word and work for that expected end that God has promised each of us. Send us an email at or reply to this post.


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