Ok so now you’re married but you have separate bank accounts?

So what’s the story on bank accounts in marriage? Obviously if you aren’t married you shouldn’t be shacking up, sharing cars, bank accounts or anything as if you were married. . .  and yes that even includes sharing a bed, because that bed is defiled (unclean or impure). When you do these things you set yourself against the Word of God, making it really hard for the grace of God to work for you. You are now living under the mercy of God, and we thank God for his mercy as His word teaches us that it is new every morning. But when you hear the Word and understand and know the Word . . . and continue to walk in disobedience to the Word . . . judgement will fall . . . and that judgment can have long-lasting effects, to your children, grandchildren, etc.  Don’t think that you are doing God a favor by going to church every Sunday and still living in sin and not even trying to get it right.

Let’s go back to the Word concerning marriage and get some instruction on this thing. Look at Ephesians 5:31 here where the Word teaches that a man should leave his MOTHER and FATHER . . . that’s why we have so many man problems . . . because there is no MOTHER and FATHER . . . and he shall cling to his wife and the two of them shall become ONE flesh. So, why would one flesh have separate accounts? Is there a trust issue? Is there a selfish somebody who doesn’t want their spouse to know what $ they have or wants to be able to spend $ without input from the spouse? Married folks should live in the same house, share the same bed, share the same vehicles, eat the same food (talking about family meals here) and be united in the flesh as one (have sex).  I’m not talking about what’s in a person’s name. That’s not what this is about. Something can be in your spouses name and you have full access to it. I Corinthians 7:4 teaches that the wife’s body belongs to the husband and the husband’s body belongs to the wife. Strive to live your married life as God called you to live it. Become one completely with your spouse. You may have your separate things, but don’t let them be prohibited from one another. Send us your thoughts or comments to sow-the-word@hotmail.com


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