“It’s Complicated”

Have you ever heard this one when it comes to relationships? Well, what makes it so complicated? It’s usually because of past “baggage” or current “foolishness”. God didn’t call us to complicated relationships. He called us to fruitful and harmonious relationships. He also didn’t call us to “easy” relationships. You have to put your work in. The Bible teaches that faith without works is dead and you can take that to mean relationships without work are dead. If you think that the relationship is all movies, hour after hour phone conversations and dressing up and going out . . . then you are mistaken.  You have to make the choice to stay in the relationship and work and making the relationship last. You have to know that you can do that because the Word says you can. Genesis 2:24 teaches us that the man will be united with his wife. Let’s be clear here, if God says the man is to be united with his wife, the intent here is to be united. So you have to make the decision that “I am going to be united with my wife” no matter what. If you have a husband and wife who both love the Lord, God has made it possible for them to love each other. If that’s not your situation, that’s another post. Send us an email with questions. Have a blessed Sunday.


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