Relationships spoiled by unscriptural tradition

I have been meditating on Colossians 2:8 today because I felt like God was sending me there for a separate issue . . . and then He began to show me some truths for the Sow the Word blog. I begin to see what He was saying through this verse concerning relationships. It’s all very simple. Pattern your relationships after the Word of God . . . Christ is your example, not some lust loving soap opera celebrities who go in and out of the arms of various people monthly. Let’s get plain here and speak specifically about relationships and tradition.  Any tradition that is not founded in the Word and supported by the Word needs to be thrown out. Some folks won’t date folks unless they are from a particular group . . . whether it be a social organization, race or whatever. I remember in college guys looking for short girls with big thighs and long hair and not pursuing anything else. What if what God has for you is the exact opposite of what your family traditionally tries to marry or what you think your flesh wants?  The only group you should really be concerned about is if the person is a part of the family of God. The Word says your tradition makes the Word of God of no effect. If you are waiting for what tradition says your spouse is supposed to be, you may be waiting a long time. It’s not about tradition. It is about being with the one God has for you.

So, let’s talk about how to stay away from the teachings of man concerning relationships. The first thing you have to do is guard your eye and ear gates. You can’t be watching talk shows and thinking they have the answers to your relationship problems . . . neither does anything else that is not teaching the Word and applying the Word to your situation or circumstance. You need to quit listening to the non-believing secular songs that talk about dead-end relationships, breakups and relationship sorrows. When you hear that faith comes as the Bible teaches that faith comes by hearing. Now you think a relationship is supposed to be like the “Housewives of wherever”. They aren’t your example. Don’t feed your mind that garbage. Romans 12:2 says to renew your mind to the Word of God . . . not to the latest reality show. Don’t be led by tradition, be led by the Word of God. Just because mama nem and grandma nem did it years ago doesn’t mean that you should. What did God say about YOUR situation? Reply to this post of send your comments to


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