How to get out of a relationship that is going nowhere

So, how do you get out of a relationship that is going nowhere? Well, the first and obvious step in this is to know that the relationship is going nowhere. Let’s talk plain here.  To hop on a plane or a bus and not know where it is going makes no sense. To get into a relationship and not know where it is going also makes no sense. Ok . . . yes, some folk know where they want the relationship to go and that’s straight to the bed. That’s the only “somewhere” some folks have in mind.

So how do you know when the relationship is going nowhere? A good example is when your significant other is really vague about where the relationship is going.  Things like “we have a good time right?” or “you know how much I love you, right?” or ” you’re going to be mine forever, right?”.  Let’s get practical on how to get out of this. There can only be so many trips to the movies, talking on the phone hour after hour, so many dinners . . . all that stuff that’s cute when you are dating but usually meaningless when it comes to running a household and raising a family.

The way out of this situation is in the Word of God. Understand that God has a purpose and plan even for your relationships. He will give you wisdom as to how to move beyond a directionless relationship. Philippians 3:13-14 teaches us that we should forget those things that are behind us and press toward the mark of the high calling of God. When you immerse yourself in God and His word, He will begin to speak to you giving you specific instruction as to how to get out of that dead-end relationship. Remember to be patient as you wait for God to tell you what you should do. You didn’t get into the relationship overnight, and you won’t get out of overnight, unless God delivers you like that. Understand that there is no way to do this successfully apart from God. Yield to Him today. Leave that relationship behind. Get into a good Bible teaching church and learn how Christ has made it possible for you to be an overcomer in every area of your life.


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