That kiss can lead to sex if you’re not careful . . .

God didn’t leave reproduction to chance. Genesis 1:28 shows us where God blessed Adam and Eve and instructed them to be fruitful and multiply and replenish and subdue the earth. The ability to multiply (reproduce) came as a result of a blessing from God. That’s why the default is pregnancy. Let me explain what I mean here. If you have sex without birth control you risk getting pregnant. That’s because the blessing is for multiplication. You have to take active steps to prevent the multiplication, and sometimes even when you do, pregnancy can result. This isn’t a post about birth control and whether or not you should be taking it, but it is a post about the lust of the flesh and how when you play with fire you can get burned . . . or end up with a baby if you know what I mean. I believe that there are so many babies born outside of the marriage covenant because of the lust of the eyes, which given full mind development, turns into sin. It may start with a kiss, then some rubbing . . . you move in together, you’re a couple without covenant and wham . . . now you are sleeping together and if feels so good.  The devil can make sin feel real good, but understand that it’s a counterfeit for what really feels good and what God has for you. Remember that it was God who created the feeling you get when you have sexual pleasure. It was the devil who took it out of context . . .which is outside of the marriage covenant.

Well, what do I mean by grace? Grace is God’s ability to do for you what you can’t do for yourself. It is God’s favor. It is God working on your behalf.  If you are a couple, the only thing that is going to keep you from having sex before getting married is the grace of God. You both have to yield completely to God so that He can show you how to keep yourself during the period of courtship . . . and yes, there is a period of courtship and that period should end and be followed by the marriage covenant.  Some of you all have been courting 3 children and 10 years later and there is no covenant before God . . . just sin in His eyes. Recognize that God’s grace can keep you. When you want to be intimate so bad . . . when you want that feeling so bad . . . when you see everyone else around you is doing it. The only thing that can comfort you is the Spirit of God and His grace. His grace can take the desire from you and give you a double portion on your marriage bed. God meant for you to have desire. He created that too . . . and the place for it. Receive God’s grace today. Not just grace by faith to be saved. but grace by faith to live and fulfill the call He has on your life.


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