Where not to get relationship advice

Have you ever been tempted to do a google search to find and answer to a problem? Do you get caught up on a talk show while you are flipping through the channels and hope to learn something that may help YOU in your relationship struggles? Anything apart from God is dead . . . it may not be dead physically right now, but it is dead spiritually and eventually it will be dead physically as well. The Bible teaches that light can have no part in darkness. Try it. You can’t have darkness and light in the same space. The light will dispel the darkness. This being the case any relationship advice that you get that is not based on the Word of God is given in darkness. Let me explain further here. Advice that may seem right by the world’s standards and may seem ok and may work in some instances . . . is not the path that God would have you take. Sometimes it’s not just about what is right or wrong, it’s about the plan or direction that God has for you. This is a key point here, please think about it. Yes, there is a specific plan that He has for YOU!

So, things can work out with your plans and your way of doing things, but you can’t have GOOD SUCCESS. Joshua 1:8 teaches if you speak the Word only and you meditate on the Word day and night, YOU (not God) will make your way prosperous and YOU can have good success. You can have what the world describes as success apart from God, but you cannot have good success apart from God. Good success means there is no-toil or heartache associated with the success…toil or heartache that can lead to substance abuse, violence, suicide, relationship turmoil, etc.

Think about this. Some folks would have called Michael Jackson successful. He was a multimillion dollar pop star. He had money and loads of it, but he needed sleeping aids and went so far as to get medicine that’s restricted to operating room use to help him sleep. That’s not good success, but the world would call him successful. Why would he have trouble sleeping? The answer or solution obviously wasn’t in his money and we see he couldn’t buy sleep successfully. Other examples would be the NFL athlete who committed suicide and Whitney Houston and Don Cornelius as well. If you are having good success, you recognize your success is because you’ve been meditating on the Word and have committed to His plan for your life. You don’t need drugs to make you feel a certain way and you don’t want to kill yourself because you know that’s not God’s plan for you. All of those folks mentioned were rich, but unfulfilled and acted on being unfulfilled.

The world will make you think that you are supposed to hate your job and it be hard and unfulfilling…that it is your only source of income. Have you ever heard of the job being called the “daily grind”? Have you heard people say they are “hanging in there” when it comes to their job? Ok, your job shouldn’t be a “daily grind”, it should be a “daily smooth”… As smooth as butter, and you shouldn’t just be “hanging in there”. You should be excelling and growing and maturing in the work (job) that God called you to do . . . Just like you should excel and grow in the relationship that God called you to.

Bottom line here is that when you hear relationship advice check it against the Word of God. God will give the direction that you should go in. If you follow His word, you will have good success.


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