It should be a daily smooth not a daily grind

The world will make you think that you are supposed to hate your job and it be hard and unfulfilling…that it is your only source of income. The job you are supposed to have is the one God called you to do and in Him calling you to do it, He will provide Grace (favor, His ability) for you to do the job. Have you ever heard of the job being called the “daily grind”? Have you heard people say they are “hanging in there” when it comes to their job? Ok, your job shouldn’t be a “daily grind”, it should be a “daily smooth”… As smooth as butter, and you shouldn’t just be “hanging in there”. This is not to say that you won’t have challenges and disappointments, but you should understand the overall direction of your employment opportunity. You should be excelling and growing and maturing in the work (job) that God called you to do . . . Let’s look again at Psalm 90:17. The writer discusses letting God’s ability rest upon us and establish the work of our hands. You will excel and grow in the work of your hands by the grace of God. So, that means we need to be mindful how we speak about our jobs. Call your job fulfilling, and recognize that through it God is using you for the Kingdom even if you can’t see how.


One thought on “It should be a daily smooth not a daily grind

  1. I wanted to post a followup to this post about the daily grind. the bible says that you can have what you say . . . so if you call it a daily grind, it will be a daily grind. if you call it a daily smooth, it will be a daily smooth. I felt like some of you were saying that God wouldn’t have anything be smooth for you. There will be challenges and trials that you have to face and it may seem like you are going through a rough patch, but understand that God’s plan for you has you ending up in a well watered,nourshished place . . . a place where you can be a blessing to someone else. That’s the rub here. SOMEONE ELSES PURPOSE IS TIED UP IN YOU FULFILLING YOUR PURPOSE.

    Consider Matthew 11:28 – 30. What is He saying when He says come to me if you are tired . . . what does He mean when He says that His yoke is easy and His burden is light? What he means by this is you take your heavy burden and give it to Him and you take on what He said to do (HIS WORD) and then your yoke will be easy and your burden light! Get this now, it may seem like the yoke is hard in the natural and the burden heavy, but you walk by faith and not by sight. You know that despite your circumstance that God is going to show Himself strong in your situaiton. You know He promisted to never leave you nor forsake you. Oh, this is such a revelation. it you would like to discuss further please send us an email at What a Word God has given tonight!

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