Age and time really make no difference

Have you ever heard people say they have to be married by a certain age or it just won’t happen? I’m sure you have heard the “biological clock” story . . . how it’s ticking and how if you don’t hurry up and get married or hurry up and get a baby, you will miss your time. There are women today who forgo marriage, the right relationship, ceremony before God and all to have a baby because they think they are getting old.

All of that is a lie and comes from the enemy. The Bible says he(the devil) is the father of lies. See John 8:44. That’s part of his attack on the institution of marriage. God made you and He made the clock and He was the one who gave man the idea and ability capture time, so if the author says there is time, then there is time.  Think about this.  Here’s an example. If the electric company says that you don’t have to pay your light bill this month . . . you don’t have to pay your light bill this month. They are the authority on your lights and God is the authority on age and time. There isn’t time only when you think that there isn’t or you confess that there isn’t. The Bible teaches that we can have what we say. Confess that God is preparing your mate for you. If you are man start looking and believing God for a wife. If you are a woman trust God’s Word that the man who God intends for you will “find you” just like the scripture says.

There are examples in the Bible where time and age really didn’t matter. Jesus is the resurrection and the life which means everything will have to bow to Him, yes even time and age. Here are a few stories I want to refer you to. Sarah was about 90 when she got pregnant with Isaac. Lazarus had been dead 4 days and started stinking before he was raised by Jesus. Quick looking at the circumstances and what may be true in the natural. God gives life to the dead and calls those things that are not as though they are. See Romans 4:17. You need to start calling things that be not as though they are.

Speak the Word and the Word only and watch your words produce by faith your hearts desire. Come on now, He knows you want to be in a loving relationship . . . He knows you want that husband or that wife. Line up your life with the Word and watch God manifest what you thought was an impossibility!


2 thoughts on “Age and time really make no difference

  1. Kendall this is so true. People told me that I needed to leave Tallahassee because I would never find a husband here. (Not True!) When I stopped looking and asked God to prepare me for my husband, Akbar showed up. After we were married doctors told me that we should try to get pregnant right away, because it was a very slim chance that I would ever have a baby! After all I was already 30 and had a history of endometriosis. We were married 3 years before our son was born. Almost 10 years and TWO healthy babies later, I’ll tell anybody, you must know the Word of God for yourself! Trust and believe in Him!

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