Relationship history of family members doesn’t matter

The bible teaches that in Christ all things become new. God has the ability to make things new! What does that mean for you and relationships? Well, it means that no matter the relationship issues that your family members may have had, you are not bound by them. Some of you may have had parents who divorced, mistreated each other …never were in love, never were married, etc. That does not excuse you from God’s commands concerning relationships but it does free you from the relationship generational dysfunction that may have been in your family…if you chose to be delivered from it. John 8:36 teaches that whom the Son sets free is surely free indeed. So obviously you need Jesus to be free. If you haven’t received Jesus as your personal Saviour see Romans 10:9-10 for specific instructions as how. Being set free has great significance! What this means to you is that you have been freed from past relationship issues… those of family, your own, bad relationships you have been in, etc. God, through Christ has redeemed us! Don’t let problems from past relationships and relationships of family members keep you from the relationship that God has for you.


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