Soul mates are not of God

Don’t get caught up in the world and what the world says your marriage should be and the kind of person you should be with.  The world uses the term soul mate.  The soul is the mind, will and emotions.  You need a helpmeet . . . your connection has to be spiritual. A soul connection is not going to work.  If the mind isn’t right and your will changes as do emotions, you will have nothing to stand on. When body parts start shifting and he or she does not look as “fine” as when you first met, you need the Word of God between you to hold you together . . . we see these marriages and divorces with celebrities. The lay up on one another in some movie and next thing you know they are married . . . and in a few years divorced because they never really knew what love is. God is love, and to get in a relationship without God (love) is to ask for disaster.

You should avoid saying things about a boyfriend or girlfriend completing you. If you are incomplete when you are alone, then you need Jesus, not a mate. Jesus completes you. If you stay single all of your life, as long as you have Jesus, you will have everything that you need. Send us your thoughts. If you want to be anonymous and not post to the blog, send us an email at


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