Dead End Relationships

If you are trying to go somewhere and the somewhere that you are going is not on a dead-end street, why would you go down a dead-end street? Well, why would you consider even dating someone who isn’t marriage material?  We have talked about the model for marriage and we’ve talked about the attack on marriage. I want to talk about dead-end relationships in this post; relationships that persist because of history together, good sex, convenience, desperation that you won’t find anyone else, whatever . . .A goal of dead-end relationships is distraction. We’ve posted on this in the blog under the ministry category and we recirculated that post to refresh your memory. It’s that whole create a distraction game so the police run the other way while the robbers take the money from the bank. If you are tied up in a dead-end relationship (one that you have no idea where the relationship is headed; a relationship in which Christ is not the head), the goal of that relationship is to keep you distracted so that when the person that God has for you comes along, you will be preoccupied and not available to receive the blessing. Please watch this carefully. There are so many women who are waiting on a commitment from a man they’ve been dating for years . . . and the man has no intention of long-term commitment being marriage or anything of the sorts. He just wants to have intercourse when he wants and he may buy you some nice things and you two live together . . . but nowhere in his mind does he plan to go into covenant partnership (marriage) with you. And why should he if he is getting all the benefits he can from the relationship and there are no strings attached. If you listen to the spirit of God, He will tell you when a relationship will go nowhere. He will speak to your spirit man and tell you that you are wasting your time. Heed God’s warnings. You may waste year after year with a person who has no other role for you other than sex partner, baby mama or girlfriend. The same thing goes for guys here, but it just seems to be more common with the ladies. Remember that anything apart from God is dead. That’s what happened to Adam and Even in the garden as we read in Genesis. They died spiritually when they ate of the forbidden tree. God cannot have any part of anything dead, including relationships. Trust Him, seek Him. I guarantee that what He has for you will be more than you ever imagined.


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