Attraction to inward qualities…only if you’re looking good on the outside

Let’s be real here. Attraction starts with the outward appearance. The notion of first looking at inward qualities is just not realistic. This is no license to wear any old thing and smell any old way and literally do anything you want with your body. There are standards that God has set for how we should govern our bodies. First Corinthians 6:19 teaches us that our body is the temple of God and the Holy Spirit lives in us. This means our physical bodies should be clean and that we should be careful what we put in and on them, like cigarette smoke, alcohol, sugary drinks, fatty foods, etc. You should not leave your home in your pajamas with your hair net on and in bedroom slippers. You should not go out sagging. You should comb your hair and brush your teeth as you are Christ’s representative. You may come across an unbeliever and be an unfit witness. Go back to first Corinthians 6:13 here. He even goes so far to talk about sexual immorality and how there is no place in the body for that. When Christians fornicate (have sex before marriage), they bring the spirit of God into their act of fornication. What a dangerous thing to do with your body in which the spirit of God dwells.

Let’s go a little deeper here. Your body is what God uses to carry out His plan on earth. He needs willing vessels to work for the Kingdom. If your body is not fit for what God called you to do, you will not fulfill the call He has on your life.

Take care of your temple. It’s what you use to interact with this physical world. In relationships it will be the first thing the opposite sex is attracted to.


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