After the wedding

Many times folks who are going to get married think so much about the planning for the wedding that they don’t think about the life after the ceremony. This oftentimes has to do with the flesh and the desire to please the flesh and to “show off” for attendees. This follows the issue of proposing in front of people to get their reaction. That is not of God. You are proposing to one person so why would you put it on a billboard at an athletic event for all to see? Same thing with having flowers delivered at work on valentines day. Same thing with posting to folks on FB who don’t have a FB account and will never read it. It’s done to illicit a reaction. We want to hear what peoples comments and reactions are going to be. If you look for the reaction of people, you forfeit the acknowledgement of God. You can’t serve God and man. The Bible teaches that we shouldn’t do things for show and that we shouldn’t think too highly of ourselves.

Now let’s get back to the issue of life after marriage. Proverbs 3 teaches that if you want to have your life directed by God you have to lean to His understanding. That is so true in marriage. If you really want to walk out years of marriage, the way God intended, you have to commit your life to God BEFORE you commit you life to your spouse. You have to make the decision that you are going to WORK at marriage and not plan a way out when things get tough. Consider your life after marriage. Let your marriage be a Godly example for others to see, especially those who have no relationship with God.


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