Leaving father and mother

The Bible says that the husband and wife will become one flesh. This has such significance. Boyfriend and girlfriend aren’t one flesh. Ephesians 5:31 teaches us this and also teaches us than the man is supposed to leave his father and mother and join with his wife. God intended for the man to be with his father and mother and then leave them to cleave to his wife. A man can’t leave his father and mother unless he grows up in a home with his father and mother. So many women and men who have grown up in the house with both parents make the decision to raise a child alone, not benefitting from having both parents in the house as is intended. We see this is so important for the male child. The male child should see his father’s relationship with God and should have a desire to emulate that relationship with God himself as well as use that relationship as a model for the relationship with his father. Don’t deny any child the ability to grow up in a loving home with married parents who love the Lord. God has better for you. If you did it wrong, repent and seek direction from God on how to get it right. Send us a comment or email us at sow-the-word@hotmail.com


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