Women shouldn’t be looking for a man

Many times women will go looking for a man. Some of this drive comes from desperation, thinking about biological clocks and thinking that they will end up old and alone.  God didn’t intend for woman to find man. Even in the garden he brought Eve unto Adam.  Eve didn’t have to go looking for Adam. Eve was who God intended for Adam and just like He paired those two, He has  a husband for you or wife for you, whichever the case. Ladies, He will bring you to your husband. Your job is to confess that you will be married to a God-fearing, loving man who will cherish you and treat you like the queen that you are. You need to confess that your husband will find you. No matter how things look . . . I’m talking about age and biological clock here . . . you have to hold fast to your confession.

Let me show you some scripture about your husband finding you.  Proverbs 18:22 talks about a man who finds a wife finding a good thing. The man should find the wife. So your confession if you are a man who has hopes of getting married, should be “I thank God that I will find the wife that He wants me to have.”

More to come from Sow the Word. Have a blessed day.


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