Why men won’t commit, part 2

When we look at relationships, it’s easy to ask the question, why won’t men commit?  What motivation do they have to commit? They get everything a husband would get except being right in the eyes of God and having a legal and binding tie to their girlfriend or boyfriend. So what is the real issue here? It is the lust of the flesh. Let’s go back to 1 John 2:16 and look specifically at the lust of the eyes and lust for sinful activities. The bible teaches that the lust of the eyes will never be fulfilled . . .they will NEVER be satisfied. Proverbs 27:20  Look at this verse carefully . . . when you give a man sexual pleasure, he will NEVER be satisfied. He’s going to want more sex, and more sex and more sex.  He won’t commit to you because he won’t be satisfied with sex just from you . . . he has eyes for the next pair or legs, lips, hips, breasts or back side. What he doesn’t understand is the enemy has it set up such that he won’t be satisfied. That’s how the world works . . . it demands more and more and causes you to want more and more when you yield to it. Think about clothes . . . shorts have gotten shorter and shorter and tighter and tighter . . . folks almost wear underwear as outerwear . . . they do wear pajamas to the grocery store. What’s that about?  It’s about sinful lust . . . what do you think a man is going to do when he sees those tight shorts . . . and your pajama pants . . . he is going to be attracted. You should stop wearing shorts with words across the behind. Do you really want him looking at your behind like that? Is that really what you want him attracted to? What about your inner beauty? What about who you are as a person? Attraction came from God . . . remember the man finding the woman as the scripture says? . . . but the enemy has perverted it just like everything else. You need a man who will commit to God and commit to you. You are worth so much more than a booty call or cheap sex. You are the helpmeet of man, a creation of God destined for good works if you will line up with the Word and heed the call that God has on your life.  Send us a reply or email us at sow-the-word@hotmail.com


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