You have to see yourself that way

The way that we access the blessings of God is through faith. Faith is simply believing what God says long before you can physically see the manifestation. That’s completely opposite to what the world teaches. The world has to see it to believe it. The Word says to believe it and then you will see it.  In this post I want to talk about actions that are consistent with your faith, and how views of yourself can shape your language and hence determine your outcome.

The bible says that you can have what you say. Well, what you say comes from what you think and what you think comes from what you see. You have to see yourself prosperous, speak prosperity and then have faith enough to believe that God wants you prosperous and will show you what to do to become prosperous. It’s like this in every area of life. High school students need to picture themselves on graduation day and receiving a college scholarship. See yourself where you want to be. It’ll change your thinking which will change your speaking, which will produce results.


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