Are young people even listening?

The answer here is a most assured yes. The question is though, what are they listening to, and what is the intended message for them? The message that comes from the world is meant to bring about destruction in their lives . . . slowly and methodically. How would you say the world sends messages to youth? It uses what appeals to the flesh . . . what will make them feel good, look good, smell good, etc. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with those things, but if you get them any other way than through God, they are meant to cause destruction. Let’s take a look at I John 2:16 which talks about lusts and cravings coming from the world. Remember that Jesus wants all of us to live the abundant life. See John 10:10 . . . and that means abundance in ALL areas of our lives. He wants you to enjoy life and have things . . . but He wants you to get those things the way He designed for you to get them.

Guard what your children see and hear. If you are not being led by the Spirit of God to expose them to certain things, don’t do it! You could be giving place to the enemy and in the end it could mean destruction for you and your child.  Reply to this post or send us a comment at


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