Write the vision

There is a saying that a long pencil is better than a short memory anytime. There really is something to writing things down. The dry erase board in my offices catches all ideas that I get that pertain to my job. I write them down there and then transfer them to paper.  When God shows you things in dreams or visions . . . or just reveals Himself to you through you reading His word, or otherwise, you should capture that revelation knowledge.  In Habakkuk 2:2  we see instruction that tells us to write down the vision plainly so that others may see it. Vision is revelation knowledge that comes directly from God.  Vision is not a goal that you have or a personal accomplishment you want to see happen. Vision  (revelation) comes directly from God.  If you need vision about your purpose here on earth and the plan outlined for your life, ask God . . . study His word. If you really want to know He will reveal it to you. Reply to this post with any comments or questions.


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